Dr. Ardeshir Mehran



I wish you a year of health, abundance, and fulfillment.

I have gifts for you: a podcast recording and guidelines for living boldly, courageously, and fully this year.

You’ll hear about it in this podcast, Linda’s Corner Podcast: Hope, Healing, Happiness. It is hosted by hosted by Linda Bjork.


I had YOU in my mind as I shared my life’s work, The Bill of Emotional Rights, as the antidote to depression, a prevalent torment of countless high achievers. For details and resources on the Rights, see here.

Early in the interview, Linda brought a smile to my face when she also echoed the self-evident truth behind my work.

I shared that my decades-long research is finally closing the current scientific gap and showing that our emotional rights are at the core of our well-being, motivation, and growth.

These rights begin at birth. These are not privileges given to us by our parents, teachers, or leaders.

We are wired to fulfill these needs in our lifetime.

A partial understanding of these emotions has been with us throughout human history. However, they have never been holistically researched and documented. Until now.

We feel in flow and alive when we live a life rooted in these rights. Conversely, we feel anxious or depressed when our emotional rights are violated, dismissed, or delayed. Depression signals unfulfilled emotional rights.

Do you notice such feelings inside as you begin this year?

Claim Your Emotional Rights as You Plan for 2024.

Choose to experience: 

  1. I BELONG. I have deep connections, affection, and feel safe, with love both shared and received.
  1. I AM COMPLETE. My being is untethered from past challenges, hurt, and trauma.
  1. I AM BOUNDLESS. I am physically active, with body agency, engaged, and aligned with nature.
  1. I MATTER. I am seen, valued, dignified, respected, and appreciated.
  1. I MAKE. I contribute in ways that reflect my potency and impact, and make my mark in this world.
  1. I AM. I courageously express myself with my true voice, values, and convictions.
  1. I SOAR. I step into my life’s calling and purpose, and abundant growth.


Now, take a deep breath, honestly examine the arch of your life, and ask yourself:

Are you living a life aligned with these rights?

Have you compromised, played small, or not fulfilled your rights?

Have your rights been violated and dismissed?

Did you start giving my rights away?

Decide to live a fulfilled life aligned with your emotional rights.

 Make 2024 the year that you fully claim your emotional rights.

I am here for you. Contact me for a 30-minute exploratory meeting.

Start 2024 Strong
With love and gratitude,