Dr. Ardeshir Mehran


Fulfilling Life Manifesto

You have been living a lie.

The lie is the belief that depression is the cause of your unhappiness.

It is not.

Your depression is the product of your fight against living an unfulfilled life.

Depression is not the cause.

Depression is a symptom of this fight.
And that’s unhealthy.
And a tiring fight.
Until now, it has sustained you.

So, to stop the fight and go on living, you ignore your feelings.

You are paying a heavy price.

You may be grappling with emotional, spiritual, or physical pain and health issues, gastrointestinal complications (mostly women), or cardiovascular complications (mostly men).

You already have seven Emotional Rights. You were born with them.

Your emotional rights are your birthright. These affirmations will guide you to reclaim them.

When overwhelmed with pain, we resort to distractions and addictions.

Addictions numb the pain and distract you from the voices that tell you about the lie and keep up the fight.
You are not alone. Data shows that executives, high achievers, and entrepreneurs experience depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar, addiction, or commit suicide at two to three times the rates of the general population. I have witnessed that status, wealth, busy schedules, and personas of strength often mask hidden emotional struggles.

Are you waiting for someone, someday, or somehow to break this cycle?

Let me help you. My bestselling book, “You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished.” and the Dr. Mehran Method of Emotional Restoration Therapy will help you win the fight that feeds your depression.

It begins by understanding and taking back your seven Emotional Rights™:


I BELONG. I have deep connections, affection, and feel safe, with love both shared and received.


I AM COMPLETE. My being is untethered from past challenges, hurt, and trauma.


I AM BOUNDLESS. I am physically active, with body agency, engaged and aligned with nature.


I MATTER. I am seen, valued, dignified, respected, and appreciated.


I MAKE. I contribute in ways that reflect my potency and impact, and make my mark in this world.


I AM. I speak with my true voice, values, and convictions, courageously expressing myself.


I SOAR. I step into my life’s calling and purpose, and abundant growth.

It’s time to claim your rights.

My bestselling book, “You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished.” helps you analyze your emotions and body and claim your Emotional Rights.

My promise to you: You will learn to go from managing symptoms of depression to living a life of fulfillment, boldness, and courage.

Once you practice Dr. Mehran’s Method, you will wake up one morning and notice a particular absence—that your prolonged feelings of depression and anxiety have significantly lessened.

You would no longer feel depressed, but energized and resolute, not wanting to waste time playing small.

You will feel bigger, more focused, and hopeful. You will begin creating the life you’ve desired for so long.

That’s my wish for you, and my promise.