Dr. Ardeshir Mehran


The Bill of Emotional Rights

Claim your Emotions Bill of Rights to heal and grow.

I am excited to share my pioneering research-based framework on the “what and why” of our emotional well-being and growth. This knowledge has been with us throughout history but has never been fully documented. Until now.

See my blog for details: To Breakout Claim Your “Emotions Bill of Rights”

In essence, there are seven enduring human needs that are bestowed upon us at birth. There are not privileges given to us by our parents, teachers, managers, spouses, or societies. The seven rights are:

These are forever, cradle-to-grave rights that exist in all people across societies and cultures. These rights are as elemental as our DNA. We are wired to fulfill these needs in our lifetime.

We feel in flow and alive when we live a life rooted in these rights. Conversely, we feel anxious or depressed when our Bill of Rights is violated, dismissed, or fragmented.

Know that depression is a form of grieving long dismissed or misunderstood. Depression is a wake-up call for us to reclaim our emotional rights and get ourselves back on track.

Practicing your Bill of Emotional Rights will guide you to greater health, contentment, and behavioral outcomes.

My solutions include in-depth qualitative and quantitative assessment, coaching, and action planning for individuals, teams, and families.