Dr. Ardeshir Mehran



On November 3, 2022, I was on the stage as a speaker at the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) globalEDGE Annual Conference at Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City. YPO had invited me to share my innovative work around emotional wellness.

Looking at a sea of smiling faces, I saw a crowd of over 350 ambitious CEOs looking back at me. I recognized the look in their eyes. Eager, worried, and wanting answers.


I know that look.

My session was titled “Peak Performance: Leading with Well-Being.” The YPO staff had to move my talk to a bigger venue since the room capacity had maxed out. I could see a packed room from the stage with people standing in the back.

My intuition told me to go direct and be direct.

I quickly got to the point and said, “Research shows that executives experience depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout at two to three times the rate of the general population. Most executives are like thoroughbred horses galloping ahead, but only on three legs. They’re unaware of their untapped potential and the effect of their compromised well-being on their work and lives. Success, wealth, busy schedules, and a persona of strength mask their private narratives. The solution? Science-based practices for greater life fulfillment and mind-body mastery.”

Instantaneously, I saw people put down their phones, stop multitasking, and become fully attentive. The room felt invigorated.

I continued by sharing data, client examples, and practices showing how depression and anxiety can be in fact substantially reversed. I shared my signature work, The Bill of Emotional Rights, and elaborated that the current focus on broken minds, brain chemistry imbalance, and primarily talk therapy modalities are insufficient for healing. I highlighted the emerging science of neurology and the benefits of body-based (somatic) behavioral practices.

There were many questions during and after the session. For example: how best to apply The Bill of Emotional Rights to daily life, the efficacy of medications for depression and anxiety, the interplay between depression and anxiety, the reasons behind chronic stomach pain, ways to treat adults and teenagers with ADHD, resolving lingering panic attacks, how to support a severely depressed spouse, and the release date of my upcoming book.

Since the release of my bestselling book, You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished, people globally reach out every month.

They are struggling, feel stuck, want a way out, and seek answers—trusted, holistic, credible, reassuring, no-nonsense, and practical answers.

My message of hope and the promise of better, faster, enduring solutions resonates with them. I always respond to such inquiries. I see it as a duty and a privilege.

If this resonates, let’s schedule a 30-minute call. I am here for you.

Exciting Update. Next week, the registration for my 2024 group workshop opens.

The workshop begins on January 18th and is a high-touch, interactive, and inspiring program. The workshop is designed to make 2024 transformational. A year of feeling better, living better, and leading better.

From the very first session, you will notice things begin to shift for you. You will feel and act differently. People will notice, too.

I cannot wait to share more workshop details with you.

Until then,

With love and gratitude,

Human Work Studio