Dr. Ardeshir Mehran




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Rocio Perez


Chief Learning Officer, Inventiva Consulting, Bestselling Author, Keynoter

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Joseph E Lynch

Washington DC

Attorney, Executive, Leadership Coach

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Vielka Kelly-Weiss

New York City

Performing Art Coach, Young Singers Academy Founder

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Tara LaFon Gooch

North Carolina

Founder and CEO of Best Branding Solutions, TEDx and Keynoter

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Susan Payrovi, MD

Silicon Valley

Stanford University School of Medicine Professor, Pioneer Founder

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Loredana Regap, MD

Costa Rica

Pharma Executive, Leadership Coach

Individual Therapy

Benefit from a five-session program, based on Dr. Mehran Method uniquely tailored for you. In person or virtual. Experience maximum tangible and accelerated change. Feel seen, heard, and validated.


High achievers (leaders, entrepreneurs, founders) seeking trusted and proven emotional growth.


Wellness. Reduced depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, PTSD, physical pain.

Performance. Higher achievements, more effective leadership and team practices, and wealth generation.

Interactions. Higher EQ, growth mindset, better relationships, intimacy, fulfillment, and joy. 


Finance Executive (Female) – Persistent depression, anxiety, physical pain, struggles with intimacy and relationships.

Corporate Counsel (Female) – Private depression, anxiety, diminished joy, flat performance, feeling wired and tired.

Chief People Officer (Male) – Persistent anxiety, physical unwellness, diminished work motivation and innovation.

Solution Architect Leader (Female) – Persistent and private struggle with trauma and PTSD.

Business Strategy VP (Male) – Anger management, abrasive and dismissive leadership style.

Customer Solution Architect Leader (Female) – Persistent and private struggle with trauma and PTSD.

Keynotes & Speaking

Keynote speaker for conventions, conferences, corporate retreats, panel guest speaker, kick-off forums

Motivational sessions and forums on mental health edge performance trends.


Higher engagement culture, organizational performance, psychological safety, reduced burnout, and change readiness.


Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) – Keynote to 350+ CEOs, emotional wellness as the driver for edge performance.

Silicon Valley Bank, Organization-wide – The Bill of Emotional Rights practices for daily work.

BioPharma Project Management Annual Conference – Peak Performance through Wellbeing; Distress Proof Yourself, Your Team, Your Workplace.


External Affairs Business Leader

“I was suffering from PTSD. Ardeshir’s work is really very simple, easy to follow, and non-threatening. He has definitely helped me a lot.”

Physician, Scientific
Program Leader

“After only a handful of sessions, there was a noticeable improvement in my stress and anxiety. Just talking to Ardeshir is therapeutic. I was immediately able to trust him and his guidance, which has not always been the case with other coaches.”

Risk Management Leader

“Your work has helped me feel better than I have in a long time, even in the midst of being laid off. I have struggled with feelings of anxiety, depression, and inadequacy for most of my life. I even shared your book with my therapist.”

Physician, Medical School Faculty, Start-up Founder

“I found our single session to be extremely therapeutic. He has the gift of simplifying something that felt like a mountain down to something manageable and actionable.”

Pharma Operational Scientific Executive

“Ardeshir helped me manage my anxiety by connecting with my body and being in the present moment. I have been free from anti-anxiolytics and live life with more ease. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?”

Pharmacy Executive

“Last night I prayed to die. Tonight, I am praying to heal. I believe your work truly saved me.”

Leadership & Business Coach

“I was surprised at how quickly I was able to experience a shift in mindset. After just a single session, I was able to let go of a limiting belief that I know will bring enormous benefit to myself, my family, and my community.”

Social Media Marketing & Branding Executive

“Ardeshir is changing the world with his methodologies and different approaches to mental health and depression. He has changed my world.”

Leadership & Organization Dev Coach and Consultant, Entrepreneur

Working with Ardeshir was the best decision I could have made for myself, my family, my business, and my life. I’ve worked with many therapists for depression and anxiety over the past 25 years. Within 5 sessions, I felt significantly better, and I’ve only continued to grow and improve.”

Scientistic Research Leader

“Working with Ardeshir has been one of the most valuable uses of my time in investing in my own personal growth. I walked away from each coaching session with practical strategies and tactics to utilize daily during periods of stress or emotional pain.”

Product & Go-to-Market Team Leader

“Ardeshir helped the Team to gain different perspectives on emotional and interpersonal challenges, how to accept changes as a constant opportunity to shape the future, and to welcome open and candid dialogue about the emotional state of the individual Team members.“

Healthcare President

“You help simplify the complex. You help us arrive at different ways of thinking. People trust your recommendations because they trust you.”