Dr. Ardeshir Mehran


Run Toward the Light.


We all have seen such scenes in dramatic movies, TV shows, or novels.

There is an overwhelming and terrifying antagonist (think Voldemort in Harry Potter) battling the protagonist…and seems to be winning.

The protagonist attempts to fight back but cannot. Tries to break free, desperately scanning for a path to salvation.

The protagonist is stumbling, almost giving up, the future is bleak.

The pang of the antagonist is drawing near…

The suspense and music tempo build up…

You’re rooting for a breakaway. Get away. Don’t give up. Run…run to anywhere.

Suddenly…a celestial “light” appears on the horizon. The protagonist gets up and runs toward the light. Exhausted, stumbling, injured…

The antagonist makes it to the “other side” and is engulfed in newfound serenity, goodness, and safety. Uh…

The protagonist turns around…and is astonished to see the antagonist getting weaker, smaller…shriveling, and disappearing.


I often think of the above analogy when considering our society’s prevailing mental health struggles.

We need to be honest with ourselves. We are not winning our mental health struggles.

We are faced with ever-increasing and alarming statistics in all categories, trying to make therapies more available and scalable, tolerating that therapy could take a long time or one needs repeated therapy support, the proliferation of medications from children to grandparents, solidification of mental health diagnosis as enduring traits—e.g., “I am bipolar,” “She has OCD,” “He is a neurodiverse person with ADHD.” It’s an endless list.

We are doing everything we can. I don’t believe we are solving “the real problems.”

We are battling mental illness just like fighting a monster…trying to keep steady and not lose.

We’ve got to run toward the light and go where true strength, health, and answers reside.

You see…this is my own story of never-ending battles with depression and anxiety. Thirty years ago, I saw flickers of lights in the depth of my darkness and walked toward it. Gradually, I changed my questions from “how” to “why” and changed my lens from focusing on treating “symptoms” to focusing on revitalizing the “whole person.”

As I changed how I perceived things…what I perceived also changed.


I invite you to take a fresh look and walk toward the light and a life of fulfillment, growth, and creating health and aliveness.

After 150 years of modern psychology, scientifically, we still don’t fully understand depression and focus mainly on alleviating depression symptoms. I am doing what I can to make a shift.

My book You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished, which became an Amazon New Release bestseller and has already sold in the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, shows you the way to better, deeper, and lasting change.

The book boils down promising advancements from trauma, somatic therapy, and neurology research, organized into practical insights and instructions.

Additionally, this book introduces you to a new body of knowledge that we currently lack, The Bill of Emotional Rights™. These Emotional Rights are at the core of our well-being, motivation, and growth, hence the light ahead. These rights detail lifelong principles that have existed in all people across societies, cultures, and eras. These rights are as elemental as our DNA.

I welcome working with you individually or on your team, joining your retreats, and strategy sessions, or delivering keynotes.

With love and gratitude.


With love and gratitude,

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