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How would you rate the following two questions on a 10-point scale (1=Very Low, 10=Very High)?

1. What is your current level of achievement in life?

2. What is your current level of fulfillment in life?

Now, take a deep breath, lift your head, and notice how you felt when rating the second question.


I ask these questions of my clients. The second question is always disquieting for them. The reactions vary—annoyance, sorrow, blank stares, excitement, smiles, tears.

Most people generally know how to live a life of achievement. They have clear visions and plans for their achievements. For many, however, living a life of fulfillment feels nebulous. They have hunches but lack a clear picture.

In pursuing a life of achievement and fulfillment, each has its own game plan. Complimentary, yet distinct.

I am on a mission to change this narrative, to reveal the science and path to fulfillment.

It was a circuitous path. I have been investigating the cause and treatment of depression for over thirty years. I kept observing a consistent set of patterns that, behind the sorrow and agony of depression, was almost always a dormant yearning. Pervasive and imperceptible unfulfillment lurking underneath depression. (See my post).

This was the context behind my work on The Bill of Emotional Rights, and the bestselling book; You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished.

Depression signals unfulfilled emotional needs. Fulfilled living dissolves depression.

I am coaching successful professionals to live more fulfilled, vibrant, and bolder lives, through:

Defining true life fulfillment, assessing one’s Fulfillment Quotient

Recognizing internal signals to unfulfillment

Discerning the meaning behind internal signals

Resolving internal roadblocks, and limiting mindset and behaviors

Implementing actions for fulfilled living

Clients often achieve solid and sustained results in 5 sessions. Additional sessions are considered as needed.

I am here for you. Free to schedule a 30-minute Ask Me Anything Call.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Ardeshir Mehran
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