Dr. Ardeshir Mehran


Dr. Ardeshir Mehran

Dr. Mehran is disrupting the mental health field, delivering more effective practices to heal depression, and to ease the emotional suffering of people across the world.

Everyone else portrays depression as an immovable cause, a mood disorder that must be treated. Dr. Mehran busts this myth and focuses attention on the real culprit: the unfulfilled life we must lead when we deny our birthrights.

He is a psychologist, trauma therapist, behavioral researcher, transformational leader, and leadership coach. He has a Ph.D. and M.Ed. from Columbia University, New York City, in Counseling, Organizational, and Research Psychology. He has advanced training in psychoanalysis, group therapy, and team dynamics.

Across multiple industries, Dr. Mehran helped global leaders, star performers, entrepreneurs, operational teams, and founders achieve stronger results by stepping fully into their roles as leaders. Clients see Ardeshir as a personal role model and performance motivator who challenges them and propels their growth through his no-nonsense, keen observations, and direct influencing skills.

He has served in leadership roles at Genentech/Roche, Dolby Laboratories, Kaiser Permanente, and was a partner with Mercer-Delta Consulting.

The subject of emotional wellness is a reality and priority for Dr. Mehran. Throughout his life, he struggled with depression and anxiety, all the while he was in leadership roles. He was seen as a role model, a star performer, and the life of the party. Yet, privately, he felt helpless and lonely and grew disillusioned with the clinical psychology field—a healer who could not heal himself.

Gradually, Dr. Mehran changed his focus from “how” to heal his depression to “what” is depression, and “why” healing depression is so hard, drawn out, and costly. As he changed how he perceived things, what he perceived also changed.

This discovery process evolved over thirty years, resulting in the development of The Bill of Emotional Rights as the cure for depression. By applying this newfound knowledge, Dr. Mehran healed his own, as well as his many clients’ depression. Now, he is bringing this knowledge to the world.

Dr. Mehran Method helps clients achieve stronger, faster, and longer-lasting outcomes in five-session engagement plans. Clients work with Dr. Mehran for better results, more fulfillment, better relationships, and living with reduced depression, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, ADHD, physical pain, and emotional struggles.

He is currently writing his next book, “Break It!” on the science and healing practices for generational trauma. He lives in The Bay Area, Northern California, with his wife, son, and Lucy (family golden retriever).

Dr. Mehran’s passion includes running (marathons), hiking, swimming (open water and pool), biking, reading, wandering in nature, photography, poetry, and music.