Dr. Ardeshir Mehran


“You Are Not Depressed.
You Are Un-Finished.”

Welcome to an inspiring and practical book that will help change how we as a society understand, assess, and heal depression and anxiety. A book that will bring hope and direction to many.


The Premise

Welcome to The Bill of Emotional Rights, the manifesto for lifelong human motivation and fulfillment. These seven Rights have existed in all people across societies, cultures, and eras. These are our birthrights. They are as elemental as our DNA. But they have never been holistically researched and documented. 

Until now.

For 30 years, I have been researching depression and anxiety to pinpoint what they are, why they are difficult to heal, and why executives and high achievers have much higher levels of depression and anxiety.

The Promise

This book shows how mental illness, particularly depression and anxiety, are our own signals, saying, “Wake up and reclaim your life.” Emotional struggles are not about broken minds or chemical imbalances. They are caused by unfulfilled emotions and unfinished life paths.

You learn to analyze your emotions and body, and pivot from managing symptoms to living a more fulfilled life. Depression and anxiety are consequences, not causes, and can be substantially alleviated. They are nudges for awakening and reclaiming ourselves.

Claim your Emotional Rights to elevate the trajectory of your life.