Dr. Ardeshir Mehran

You Are Not Depressed

You Are Un-Finished


Start 2024 Strong

You are invited to a workshop for leaders, high-achievers, and entrepreneurs who demand breakout growth.

Learn how to distinguish yourself by mastering your Emotional Rights® to live a life of fulfillment and possibilities.

Make this your transformational year by realizing richer feelings, bolder actions, and lasting change.

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Enough Already

Does your success mask your hidden emotional struggles?

Do you sense untapped growth and aspirations within, waiting to break out?

To others, you are an achiever, a role model of resilience and strength, at the top of your game—in a position of power, influence, and admiration.

But in private, your reality is not addressed. High achievers experience loneliness, depression, and anxiety at two to three times the rate of the general population.

If this sounds like you, welcome.

In this workshop, tailored for high achievers, you will go from tolerating depression and dormant aspirations to living a life of fulfillment.

From the first session of this workshop, you will notice that things begin to shift for you.

You will feel different.  You act different. People will notice.

This workshop is not talk therapy. 

Let go of your need to fix or criticize yourself. Dig deep, fuel your passion, construct stronger actions, and make things happen.

Breakout growth is within your reach.

Are you ready?

I Have Your Back

If it were easy to heal from depression, you would have achieved it already. It’s one of the most difficult challenges in psychology.

But it’s the wrong problem.

I have been there. I struggled with depression and anxiety while I was in leadership roles. People saw me as a role model, a star performer, and the life of the party.

But I felt I was living a lie. 

So, I changed my focus from how to heal my depression to addressing “What is depression?” Next, why is healing depression so hard, drawn out, and costly? As I changed how I addressed my depression, I changed.

And that change is at the heart of this workshop.

As a psychologist and behavioral researcher, my discovery process evolved over thirty years, which resulted in the development of The Bill of Emotional Rights®, and my bestselling book, You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished. as the cure for depression. 

By applying this knowledge, I healed myself, as well as my many clients.

Now, I am bringing this knowledge to the world.

And to you.

I invite you to experience this discipline firsthand. We’ll support your development just as you are, right here, right now, and guide your exciting journey ahead.

I will be by your side, showing you the way, mentoring, and motivating you.

My therapy and coaching practice is at the intersection of deep psychology, leadership coaching, and personal growth discipline. Our work together is outcome-based and time-bound, with visible and lasting results.

The Steps of Your Journey

Eight modules. Zoom sessions, each for 90 minutes, 7:00 am to 8:30 am PST. The 90-minute session make it possible to learn, practice, engage, and refine your skills.

What we’ll do at each module:

  • Instructions by Dr. Mehran, real-life examples, Q&A
  • Live coaching
  • Peer learning and practice breakout

Module 1: Learn Change and Growth Essentials   

Thursday, January 18th, 2024

  • Learn the science behind the ways you now operate—your emotional, behavioral, motivational, and blind spot patterns. Practice three experiential prerequisites for growth.

Module 2: Map How You Habitually Operate

Thursday, January 25th, 2024

  • Qualitatively assess how you are currently live your Emotional Rights. Experience what it means to be a fulfilled human and boost your capacity to deal with emotional blocks. Observe the imprints of anxiety, depression, and trauma in your life, and the steps for emotional breakout.

Module 3: Reinforce Your Growth Foundation

Thursday, February 1st, 2024

  • Enrich your Emotional Rights: I BELONG (better relationships), I AM BOUNDLESS (better mind-body wellness), and I AM COMPLETE (better in-the-moment living).

Module 4: Practice Session

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

  • Deepen your depth, skills, and comfort level. In-the-moment coaching.

Module 5: Deepen Your Life Impact

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

  • Enrich your Emotional Rights: I MATTER (richer appreciation), and I MAKE (more fulfilling career).

Module 6: Practice Session

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

  • Deepen your depth, skills, and comfort level. In-the-moment coaching.

Module 7: Ignite a Soaring Life

Thursday, February 29th, 2024

  • Enrich your Emotional Rights: I AM (more courageous expressions), and I SOAR (living your calling).

Module 8: Sustain Your Fulfillment

Thursday, March 7th, 2024

  • Determine your unique growth curve and next steps. Maintain momentum—agreements, accommodations, boundaries, pace. Celebrate.

Your Results

Learn and activate your own Emotional Rights, and begin living a more vibrant, fulfilling, and powerful life.

Understand why you feel the way you do and why you are not feeling better faster.

Build creative personal, professional, and spiritual growth, and shift experiences of depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Hardwire skills for higher calm, flow, focus, and zest in your daily personal and professional lives.

Master the skills and focus you need to continue living at a higher level, and have plans in place for reversing setbacks and resets.

Workshop’s Key Features



You will have your Emotional Rights™ baseline assessment to guide planning, as well as practices to track and improve your physical and emotional experiences.


This workshop is grounded in science, focuses on your needs, and allows you to practice what you learn.


You will gain behavioral changes which are practical, uplifting, and enduring.



You’ll feel comfortable asking questions, exploring, and experimenting with new behaviors. We grow when we make sense to ourselves and the world makes sense to us.


This workshop is an environment of openness, respect, kindness, and emotional safety. You show up as you are, support others, dig deep, and gain meaningful results.


The workshop is an immersive experience – emotions, behaviors, boosters and barriers, struggles, and strengths. You will see multiple dimensions of yourself and decide on a better path forward.



You will meet other remarkable individuals in this workshop, just like yourself. Together, you brainstorm, share, learn, and cheer each other’s journey.


Each week, between sessions I will share practical boosters, reminders, and tips specific to the session objectives to motivate and support your progress.

Private LinkedIn Community

We will organize a community to share, learn, ask questions, support each other. I will be active in the community supporting you. The community will continue after the workshop.


Premier Option

Register before Dec 31st$2,999

Price on January 1st$3,499

VIP Option

Price: $5,499

The VIP Option consists of:

  • The full Premier program
  • Plus 4 private coaching sessions to help you achieve better, faster, and enduring results
  • Weekly booster practices tailored for you
  • Brief WhatsApp access and in-the-moment coaching  
  • Limited space